Vincent M.
Absolutely one of the most breathtaking experiences ever this is not your regular tattoo shop. The first thing that I noticed how Immaculate clean this place is it's more sanitized then many operating rooms around the country, the artist Vincent castiglia in undoubtably one of the most amazing artist in today's world of tattoo art and one of the most professional and nice has gentleman I'd ever experienced he is completely upfront and direct to the point when discussing your future arranged head shop is Way Beyond its time.. everything is super modern up-to-date technology that easily helps you make your best decision and would you walk next door walk into a world completely different from the one you were just in it's artwork that he doesn't blood takes you to a different world of the bizarre yer truly fascinating masterpieces they're all done in human blood this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and if you are lucky enough to visit this shop you will never forget it and you will walk away with the tattoos that are truly fascinating every day of your life this is one of the top artists on the planet make this a definite stop if you're ever in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area even if you're in Florida drive to wherever you are to visit this phenomenon
Kindred Alana
I spoke with Vincent he's really kind and very impressive to have juggled his art and tattoo career at the same time. I myself am an artist and know how hard that is, I think possibly next loving Vincent should be written about him.
Kevin Wilson
Vincent is one of the best around. His attention to detail is unlike anyone around, so you know this new location will be a must see once open. I’ve had previews seeing the progress and you can tell he’s a perfectionist with what he’s built. Its no surprise as he’s the same way with his tattooing and painting.